Nino Keller


Nino Keller is born in Nacka (Swe)1970,  and is active as an illustrator, musician and composer. After five years of music studies he started freelancing as a musician and illustrator.

Today he is connected to Illustratörcentrum and we have the past 15 years seen his illustrations in, for example the children's magazine Kamratposten. Other publishers in Sweden he works for are Rabén & Sjögren, Alfabeta, Sanoma, Natur & Kultur, Bonnier Carlsen, Hegas, Nypon Förlag, Bonnier tidskrifter, TT-spektra, Sthlm University and more.

Nino Keller have had separate shows with his paintings at Galleri Hantverket, Medborgarhuset, Mosebacke and Matkultur in Stockholm at several occasions.